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The Appia Antica is the Queen of Roads, a street that has made the history of Rome. An area that runs through the Roman countryside from the city center on the slopes of the Alban Hills.
An archaeological which passes through large villas and tombs, the Circus of Maxentius and the impressive Aqueduct a number of areas of great natural value as the Valley of the Caffarella and Tormarancia a catacomb complex that embraces the Jewish and Christian traditions.

The Appian Way can be seen at the base of the extraordinary ‘monument’ that was the road system of the Roman world. It was in fact the first of the so-called viae publicae, the major artery made by Rome to meet a specific need of technical and based on a clear strategic plan: put directly in connection with the Urbe the most important of its allied cities of Campania , Capua, when the Roman army tronava offensive during the Second Samnite War.


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