“A splendid Roman Spring”

Rome is the city I’ve visited most frequently and, among the various structures that have hosted me, I must say that this was one of the best ever. And ‘perfect for those who stay for business or for those who went there to visit and explore the city since it is located between two very central stations of the metro line A and adjacent to bus stops that lead anywhere and in any case , its central location allows those who can and want to indulge in long walks. It ‘a clean, tidy, comfortable which has an unparalleled added value in the gracious welcome of the managers and, above all, the availability of the kitchen. And also the lack of bidets in the classic version, it has become irrelevant thanks to the original prepared in alternative bathroom and appreciated even by my children who are excited to all-and especially the chandelier …. – not just how much they appreciated-and more-of resorts that until now have visited, but above all they asked me to “add one more star” at this B&B